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Chat Commands

Commands with a 💬 can also be used in our Discord server. If you have an idea for a new command, please let me know!

general Commands


See how long the stream has been live


Display all the BTTV emotes available in the channel


Display the chat rules for the channel – in case you’ve forgotten

⭐ !schedule 💬

See LilyiPie’s stream schedule

⭐ !howlong 💬

Check how long you’ve been following LilyiPie’s stream


⭐ !points 💬

Check your pastries

⭐ !leaderboard 💬

See who has the most pastries on the leaderboard

⭐ !gamble [1-500] 💬

Gamble your pastries and try to win big!

⭐ !raid [1-500]

Try to sneak into Barnaby’s pantry and steal all the pastries

⭐ !bakeoff [name]

Risk 50 pastries to challenge another viewer – to the victor go the pastries!

Chat participation

⭐ !defend

Defend the chat during a raid

⭐ !hype 💬

Bring the hype!

⭐ !welcome

Welcome new subs to the channel

⭐ !partea

Share some tea in chat

⭐ !hug [username] 💬

Use if someone in chat needs some love

Just for Fun

⭐ !mug

You think that’s a big mug?

⭐ !rigged 💬

This game is rigged!

⭐ !lurk

Let everyone know you’re going into lurk mode

⭐ !unlurk

Let chat know you’re back from your lurk

⭐ !seppuku

Only use if you’re a true glutton for punishment

⭐ !derp

For those all too common derpy moments

⭐ !oslo

Use this command if Mayor Oslo appears on stream!

⭐ !treat

Give Mayor Oslo a treat

⭐ !huge

Hype those HUGE gets in chat!

⭐ !yeet


Song Requests

!sr [artist and title] 

Request a song by typing in the artist and title, and Barnaby will search the interwebs for your tune.

!sr [YouTube ID]

Request a song by YouTube ID (the ID is the last series of numbers and letters in a YouTube link).

⭐ !current

Display the song currently playing.

⭐ !songlist

Display the current song request queue

⭐ !wrongsong

Remove your most recently added song from the queue

Social Media & Friend Codes

!twitter 💬

LilyiPie channel Twitter link

!youtube 💬

YouTube channel link

!instagram 💬

Link to lots of Mayor Oslo pictures

⭐ !clips 💬

Check out our “best-of LilyiPie” clip compilations

⭐ !discord

Display the link for our discord server

⭐ !switch 💬

Add LilyiPie as a friend on the Nintendo Switch

⭐ !humble 💬

Check out the latest Humble Bundle

⭐ !battletag 💬

Add LilyiPie on Blizzard.net

⭐ !merch

Check out our official LilyiPie merch

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