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About Pastries

What are Pastries?

Pastries are our in-chat currency used in the LilyiPie Twitch channel! You can use your pastries for:

  • Entering giveaways
  • In-stream betting and polling
  • Redeeming special rewards
  • Participating in chat mini-games
  • …plus more unofficial fun stuff!

How do I earn pastries?

Pastries are earned by being in Twitch chat, and can be won during in-chat Twitch mini games! You will also earn:

  • 10 pastries every 10 minutes you’re in chat during stream
  • 50 pastries for following the channel
  • 500 pastries for subscribing
  • 100 pastries for mass sub gifts (per sub)

What can I do with my pastries?

There’s lots of fun mini-games to play and rewards to redeem with your pastries! Try these out in our Twitch chat:


!gamble [1-500]
Risk up to 100 of your pastries and try to win big!

Pastry Raid

!raid [1-500]
Risk up to 500 of your pastries to join the raid and attempt to steal from Barnaby's pantry!

Bake off

!bakeoff [username]
Risk 50 pastries to challenge another viewer to a bakeoff - to the victor go the pastries!

Make it rain

Be loved. Spend 1,000 pastries to give everyone else in chat 30 pastries!

Premium Rewards + more!

Want some more? Check out this page to view your current pastries, and to see all the ways you can spend them!

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