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Introducing the Stream Goal Meter

Introducing the Stream Goal Meter

Introducing the Stream Goal Meter

A Streamlabs Chatbot Script


If you’ve ever stopped by our Twitch livestream, you have have noticed or even inquired about a heart-shaped piece of pie in the corner of the stream. In our channel we’ve lovingly dubbed this the Pieometer 6000, but now it’s gotten a new name and is available for other streamers on Twitch – this is the Stream Goal Meter extension for Streamlabs Chatbot!

This Streamlabs Chatbot script gives you and your stream a visual community goal, rewarding viewers for each:

  • Follow
  • Subscription
  • Bit
  • Tip
  • Host

As any of these events happen during your stream, the meter will start to fill. What happens when the meter reaches 100% is up to you – just make sure to reward your viewers for helping you get there!

Installing the Script

If you’ve never installed a Streamlabs Chatbot script before, you’ll want to start with the Scripts Explained YouTube video down below. This will ensure your script settings are correct before continuing through with the install.
After correctly configuring your Python settings:
  1. Download the Stream Goal Meter ZIP file above.
  2. Go to the Scripts tab in Streamlabs Chatbot, click the Import button, and then select the downloaded ZIP file.
  3. After the script is installed, right click on the script and select Insert API Key.
  4. In the bottom left corner of the chatbot, ensure that you’re connected to Streamlabs under Connections and then Streamlabs.
  5. Add index.html as a browser source to your streaming software, i.e. OBS or SLOBS.

Setup & Customization

After you’ve correctly installed the Stream Goal Meter script, it’s time to customize it! Click on the script inside your chatbot to bring up its options on the right:

Open Image Folder

Place your desired background image inside this folder. The image must be of filetype PNG and be named image.png. The meter displays at 200x200px, so a square image (like a channel emote) works best!


Open Readme File

Further information about the Stream Goal Meter script.


Locate Index.html

Open the folder containing the index.html file. This is the file you’ll want to add to your streaming software as a browser source, i.e. OBS or Streamlabs OBS.


Meter Mode

The Stream Goal Meter comes with two different modes:

With Fill Count Mode, the meter fills up to 100% for each event before starting back at 0%. This will also display the number of times the meter has been filled. This mode is best for rewarding viewers each time the meter is filled, ie. one wheel spin for each time meter hits 100%.

In Continuous Fill Mode, the meter will not stop at 100% as events are received, and does not keep a count of meter fills. This mode is best for a daily goal for viewers, i.e. playing a bonus game at end of stream if the goal is met.


Meter Filled Text

This is the text that will be displayed above the fill percentage after it hits 100%, i.e. “Wheel Spins:” or “Goal Met!”. If Fill Count Mode is enabled, then the number of times the meter has been filled will display after this text.



In the points  dropdown, you can choose how much the meter will fill for each event. If you’d like to not include a certain type of event in your meter, just put “0” in its field.


!setpercent [#] – Set the meter’s percentage filled, i.e. !setpercent 30
!fillcount [#] – Set the number of meter fills in Fill Count Mode, i.e. !fillcount 0 to reset


  • Double check that your Streamlabs Chatbot is connected to your Twitch Streamer, Twitch Bot, and Streamlabs accounts under connections.
  • Make sure you’ve right clicked the script and inserted the API key.
If you try out the Stream Goal Meter on your own stream, let me know what you think on Twitter. Happy streaming!

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